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Server Rules

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Feb 6, 2021
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Romania , Timisoara
=== [ EN ] Rules for ADMINS ====

↪ Do not abuse of your admin or commands, the ones that use the admin for other purposes except helping the server and the players will receive remove.

↪ To qualify for a UP at admin, you'll need: huge activity on server, good activity of forum, and a fat banlist. If you'll help the server with donations for boosts you'll have a advantage.

↪ The map will never be changed by any admin, it is a gungame server after all so all maps will end pretty fast. Those that change the map because he didnt liked it, will be rewarded with -1 at admin, no discussion.

↪ Every admin is compelled to have a banlist where he need to upload on daily basis the cheaters. There is no preferential treatment. The banlist can help you if we decide you to promote.

↪ The use of commands between admins are forbidden. No slap or gag just for fun...

↪ If you suspect an admin of cheating, make a demo and put in on "Staff Only"

↪ It is forbidden to lend your username and password to others, this will get you removed as admin and banned.

↪ You are not allowed to ask for UP on server / forum / teamspeak .. etc.

↳ UPs will be gave only if you really deserve them

↪ Do not abuse the amx_say / amx_tsay or amx_csay ( these commands can cause flood / lag )
↪ When you enter on server play with the name that you have the admin on, otherwise you'll receive -1 at admin rank.
↪ Respect other players and fellow admins no matter what grade they have, otherwise you'll be sanctioned according to the rules.
↪ If you plan to take a leave of absence from the server, longer than 5 days, you NEED to announce it on " Absente / Retrageri ", otherwise your access will be suspended

↪ Do not ban the class IP, who will do that will be removed and baned.

↪ The command amx_banip / addban will be used as follows:

↳ If the player advertise another server, community, website.
↳ If the player is using cheats: aim, wallhack, speedhack, spinhack, norecoil ( it is mandatory to have a proof: demo )
↳ 120 minutes to the player that have a obscene language or is clearly looking to creat chaos on server. First try to talk to him and gag him 5 minutes, if he doesnt understand, then 120 minutes ban.
↳ The players that are using scripts. For admin request they key word is "Cineva este slab la cs" (proof that you read the rules).

↪ When the admin enter the server he will become neutral. No mater if "x" or "y" player is his friend or relative.
↪ The admin need to calm down the players if they fight, if they dont calm down you can punish them according to what they did. NEVER PERMANENT BAN
↪ You are not allowed to make your own rules and apply them during game. If the rules are not written here, they are not valid.
↪ The admins need to help eachother no matter what grade they are. The big grades need to help the low grade with advices everytime someone require help. Not everyone was born knowing all commands and being able to be a hotshot.

↪ The admins are not allowed to ban each other, you'll be remove without any discussion

↪ The admin that will try to scam other players in game or on forum, it will be removed and banned, no matter what grade he have, no discussion.

↪ The admins that fight each other will be sancitoned according to the rules.

↪ Only founders or the ones that have the approve from founders can ask players for WG tests. (WG = Wargods)

↪ ESL models are accepted, I mean ONLY ESL models, there are some other blue / red models that contain scripts. The players caught with them will be banned.

=== [ EN ] Rules for PLAYERS ===

↪ Every played is asked to have a decent vocabulary and act civilized on server, otherwise the amx_gag command will be executed over him for 5 minutes, followed by 120 banip if you dont calm down.

↪ It is forbidden to advertise other servers / communities. It will result in a permanent ban!

↪ Obscene or racist nicknames are forbidden, this name will be changed by admin in Gungame.Sladers.Ro (Nr.) | GGService.laleagane.Ro (75)

↪ The useless CFGs that contains alias and God know what else, are forbidden.
↪ The use of any cheat is forbidden, you'll be banned permanently.

↪ To report a cheater use [email protected] nickanem ([email protected] Medos is cheating).

↪ You are not allowed to climb the over texture or on map, you'll be slayed and followed by 120 minute banip.

↪ You cannot refuse to give a wargods when is asked for. Refusing means that you have something to hide. Wargods can be asked only by founders.

Not knowing the rules isn't and excuse.
Rules can be changed in time, so please read them periodically. Thanks!
Subiectul a fost blocat si nu sunt permise comentarii ulterioare.