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(EN) Rules

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Nov 3, 2016
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For player:

  1. Be nice, play fair. Else the sheriff could whoop your ass.
  2. No discriminations allowed. Country, race, religions, sex, age.. doesn't matter here. Don’t be rude, or the sheriff could whoop your ass.
  3. Choose carefully your name. Don’t spam advertises and don’t offend the others, or the sheriff could whoop your ass.
  4. The game is free on this server. Rush allowed, all weapons and equipments allowed, but you must try accomplish objectives. Don’t make the others chase you or wait for you forever. Else the sheriff could whoop your ass.
  5. An sheriff is an player who agreed to spend time for watching that the the game is fair and the players can play undisturbed. But is not an employee at your disposal. Do not annoy him with multiple requests once he told you that an claimed suspect is clean. Else the sheriff could whoop your ass. If you think that he is wrong and you are right, just make an demo, to prove that, and post it on proper forum location. To start an demo just open game console game and type “record <name>” without quotes and without <> signs and close the console. After the situation is clearly revealed on demo you can stop the demo: open the game console and type “stop”, without the quotes. Beware that server has anticheat system. An hacker presence is an very rare situation.
  6. The complains or unban request posted after 12 hours from incident will be ignored.

For sheriff:

  1. Be nice, play fair. Don’t bossy nice and fair players. Don’t use administrative commands if is not necessary, but if you do, take care to have proof that can justify punishments. Complains or unban request that you can’t argue with solid proofs could bring you down.
  2. Make sure that no hacker is playing on server. If an player claim to saw an suspect you must check that claim and notify the player about that (due the anticheat efficiency most claims are wrong ). No need that two or more sheriffs watch the same suspect. The sheriffs must help each other when multiple claims about more than one suspect appear. You should ask for other sheriff’s opinion when unclear situation is in progress. Try to filter that kind of claims before you take some action that will pause player’s game. Don’t rush with punitive commands, but if you use such commands, keep proofs for at least 24 hours, for using them in case of complains or unban requests(use demo or screenshots of console). Ignoring that could bring you down.
  3. Some gang language is allowed between known players If that mean no disrespect(used for fun) and not falling into outrageous situations. Take care to stop that kind of language if an player get’s offended. Aggressive language, offenses or bad language between unknown player must be handled progressive by warning, gag(3 min, max), kick and ban.
  4. An offense or aggressive language against a sheriff can be punished with kick or ban for 5-120 min (if the sheriff feel so). If that kind of attitude persists, the aggressive player can be banned for 1-3 days.
  5. Try avoiding fights between sheriffs. Arguing about a situation must be done on admin chat or private chat. A sheriff complain about other sheriff must be done only through steam, or “staff only” on forum. Do not argue with aggressive players. Just follow rule 4. The game must not be perturbed. Else you could be suspended or removed from the staff team.
  6. Punishments between sheriffs are not allowed. Exceptions can be done if a sheriff start act crazy and keep kick or ban players/sheriffs without reason, or the sheriff Is caught using hacks(no one has immunity against checking for hacks). Ignoring that could bring you down.
  7. Keep safe access data. Do not enter other server before you change setinfo information, do not transfer .cfg files, erase or modify your setinfo information when show your .cfg files to somebody else. Inform an owner ASAP if you lose an steam account or suspect that someone hacks your info. Ignoring that could bring you down.
  8. The safe words for sheriff access application is "no"
  9. The map can be changed with about 5 min or less before end of time limit. A vote can be start with about 10 min or less before end of time limit. Exceptions can be done if the size of the map is inappropriate beside players numbers or if the most of the active players are trying to Rock The Vote (use rtv). Ignoring that could bring you down.
  10. The rules for players(no. 1 to 4) must not be ignored by the sheriffs.
  11. The sheriff can slap to warn or slay the player that seems lost an map and have no intention to accomplish map’s objective or hide/run from enemy when the rest of the players are waiting.
  12. If the reason for banning a player is not clearly mentioned the player will be unbanned. Write a specific/clear reason for every ban command.
  13. Read from time to time above regulations. The rules above could be changed.
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Feb 17, 2018
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Subiectul a fost blocat si nu sunt permise comentarii ulterioare.