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STEAM Clorthax's Paradox Party Badge 2022

O data cu reducerile de vara in cadrul platformei Steam, soseste si un mic joculet care sa va forteze sa inotati in marea de oferte pentru a completa un badge specific. Iata care sunt numele jocurilor la indiciile, respectiv ghicitorilor din Steam Summer Sale 2022.


1: You'll find Riches in Rhythm and fame in six strings but beware the tax burden axe mastery brings.
Solutie: Guitar Billionaire, se regaseste in categoria Rhythm. Da scroll in jos pana la Controller Friendly si ar trebui sa vezi jocul.

2: You've settled a city and put down your roots, but now can you settle small legal disputes?
Solutie: Custard Castle Small Claims Court. Asigura-te ca ai ajuns in sub-categoria City & Settlement Builders si navigheaza la Tower Defense sa-l gasesti.

3: Sport is the angle, the bait the allure, success the disease, and you are the cure.
Solutie: Bass Ain't Bitin' 2022, se regaseste in categoria de Sports, Fishing.

4: Maybe you managed to shut down your rivals, your lucrative theme park’s still dead on arrival
Solutie: Dead Seagull Zoo Magnate sub Simulation, Life & Immersive Sim, Co-op.

5: A know-it-all’s monstrous need to correct, you will give you and your friends a lot to object to.
Solutie: Actually... Frankenstein's Monster Edition, sub Multiplayer Co-op, Simulation, Play Together - with Remote Friends.

6: No actions to take or choices to make, this passive adventure prefers that you wait
Solutie: It's Probably Fine, sub Casual, Hidden Object, Mystery.

7: Your role in this realm is to guide your king true to sit on his throne or mayhap on two.
Solutie: Help Get King to the Toilet, sub RPG, Strategy RPG, Roguelike.

8: The horror, the horror, pretentious explorers, this one’s the father of all arty snorers.
Solutie: The Consecration of Esthme, sub Horror, Survival, Controller-Friendly.

9: This virtual river has a full boat conveyed, two princes that paddle with three little spades.
Solutie: Pro Poker Amateur. Tag-uri: VR, Sports & Racing, Sports

10: If your strategy is to keep me close, I'll make you think. If your strategy is to let me go, I'll make a stink.
Solutie: Hold In Your Farts. Tag-uri: Strategy, Co-op, Tower Defense, Open World.



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