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SKYNET ✪ Admin Rules

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May 22, 2022
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I. Changing the map
1* You are NOT allowed to change the map without a vote - Sanctions start with a verbal warning.
2* You have a duty to advise each other before voting - Sanctions begin with verbal warning.
3* You have the duty to vote at least 2 maps - Sanctions start from verbal warning.
4* Say cards / maps (last 5 cards played) are excluded from voting (except between 01: 00-10: 00 at night) - Sanctions start from verbal warning.
5* Between 11:00 and 02:00 you have the duty to maintain the populated server using any type of map depending on the number of players - Sanctions start from verbal warning.
6* After the automatic entry of the night program and until its termination (03: 00-11: 00) the administrators have the obligation not to modify the map or the time limit. This program consists in the fact that starting with 03:00 the map maintained on the server will be de_dust2 until 11:00 Only after 11:00 will the right to change the map return - Sanctions start from 7 days suspension, up to -1 degree or even REMOVE).
7* Vote will be given only in the last 5 minutes, not 10, not 15, but the last 5 minutes - Sanctions start from verbal warning.
8* After 23:00 awp maps are excluded from the vote - Sanctions start from the suspension of access.

II. Using commands
1* You are NOT allowed to swear on public chat say / say_team - Violation of the rule is sanctioned starting from -1 degree.
2* You are NOT allowed to give ban without presenting the reason - It is sanctioned starting from -1 degree.
3* Admins are not allowed to kick in between 02:00 - 12:00 any player / admin due to afk or spectator - Penalties start from -1 degree.
4* The nickname change of people whose name is too long / vulgar / characters ~ @ #% & * ^ $ is done in SKYNET.LALEAGANE.RO or any other name by executing the amx_nick command in the console - The sanctions for indifference start from the verbal warning.
5* The term banlist exists on this server, each admin must have a proof of it for 14 days and post in the mandatory banlist! - Sanctions start with a verbal warning.

III. Temporary bans
1* To give a temporary ban use the command amx_ban "name" time reason.
2* Gag to those who offend the players or the administrators for a period between 3 and 29 minutes (maximum) depending on the offenses or ironies in question. If you withdraw after the gag, a ban of between 30 and 120 minutes is applied at your choice - The sanction for non-compliance with these indications starts from the suspension of 3 days in case of non-correspondence of the sanction.

IV. Permanent bans
1* All permanent ban is given on STEAMID / IP. To ban a player use the command amx_ban "name" "0" "reason" (quotation marks are not required). If the user has left the server, use the command amx_addban nick "STEAMID OR IP" 0 reason. (STEAMID must be between "" in both cases) To find out the STEAMID use the command in the amx_last console if it has left the server).
2* All permanent ban is given with proof (demo or picture). All admins must have proof of it for 14 days, in case of an unban application / complaints - Sanctions start from -1 degree
3* Don't give ban on the ip class - Violation of the rule is sanctioned with REMOVE
4* Players with permanent ban are sanctioned:
- for the use of codes of any kind.
- if he has been banned in the past and you are sure he is the same player.
- serious insults to the SkyNet Staff and server.
5* Each admin has the obligation to apply the ban order only if the proof belongs to him. Prohibiting another admin's ban is banned - Penalties start at -1 degree for the admin who executed the order.

V. Nickname & amx_say.
1* It is forbidden to play with a name other than the one you have access to. Only nicknames are accepted where your identity can be easily recognized by other admins - Sanctions in such cases start from 5 days suspension
2* It is forbidden for administrators to use amx_say / csay / tsay in their own interest - Sanctions start from verbal warning
3* The amx_say command is used a maximum of 3 times in a row - Sanctions start from verbal warning.

VI. login data (admin name and password)
1* It is forbidden to alienate the access data to other persons, respectively nick / pass - steam - Violation of the rule is sanctioned with REMOVE
2* It is forbidden to alienate your cfg to other people, not before checking / removing any setinfo _pw line from it. It may contain your login details.
3* Change of nickname or password is done by posting in the Change Nick section, located in the "Admin Area".
4* If you have forgotten your login details and you no longer have the message sent with your login details, request that they be resent to an Owner.
5* Owners / Co-owners with FTP access are prohibited from disclosing personal login data or server / forum passwords to another admin regardless of his degree or to third parties, these being sent exclusively by PM to legal persons - Violation of the rule is sanctioned with REMOVE.
6*No admin is allowed to share his account with another colleague of his or with any player regardless of the situation. It will be sanctioned by downgrade/remove

VII. Admin Activity
1* The admins have the duty to have an account on the forum and to be active on the server
2* Admins have the duty to inform themselves about the conditions of the server (regulations, plugins, notifications). The misinformation due to the administrators is borne at their own risk.
3* Admins have the obligation to take pictures on an image upload site. If the player fails, the pictures will be posted on the forum, at Uneri Requests - Sanctions start from verbal warning.

VIII. Other provisions
1* DO NOT abuse the admin - Violation of the rule is sanctioned according to the system of sanctions
2* The admins must be impartial and keep a game as free and pleasant as possible - Sanctions for favoritism start from -1 degree
3* You have to be an example for other players!
4* Attacks of any kind between admins are forbidden. Don't do yourself a disservice, present evidence to the owner / co-owner - Violation of the rule is sanctioned starting from -1 degree
5* The use of orders between you, the administrators, is strictly forbidden - Violation of the rule is sanctioned starting from -1
6* I agree to read the forum at least once a day.
7* CONGRATULATIONS! You took the initiative to read the rules and you are on the verge of becoming an admin. A little bit left!
8* Admins have the obligation to keep a decent language, both on the forum and on the server, including public chat and admin chat - Sanctions start from verbal warning.
9 * If an admin retires and wants to return to the staff, he will receive the rank of Colonel, regardless of the rank he had!

IX. Rights
1* Admins have the right to information.
2* Admins have the right to free speech.
3* Admins have the right to free choice.
4* Admins have the right to make decisions in order to maintain order and discipline.

* Keyword: SKYNET2025 (This answer answers the question "Did you read the rules?" In admin requests.)

X. Obligations
1* If a player notifies you of looking at someone because he claims to have codes, you have an obligation to do so - Sanctions start from verbal warning
2* Respect your colleagues and players on the server.
3* In case you have a problem and you are missing from the server for a period longer than 5/6 days, announce on the forum in the section "Admin area" -> "Admin Information" otherwise you will be sanctioned if you do not inform.
4* Follow the advice / guidance of senior admins.
5* Maintaining a pleasant atmosphere on the server and a fair game.
6* You are obliged to respond to requests for complaints / complaints brought on the forum, within a maximum of 24 hours - Violation of the rule is sanctioned starting with a verbal warning
7* Higher grade admins or older admins have the obligation to help the new admin and explain to him what to do if he has some problems. Don't jump on it and don't criticize because no one is born learned!
8* Admins are not allowed to ask for explanations for the commands used by colleagues in any form and in no case to the degrees "Co-Owners / Owners" - Come with the evidence to the Founder or on the forum in the section "Admin area in case of problems with any admin - Sanctions start from verbal warning
9* If you suspect a code admin, do not provoke discussions directly or indirectly on the server / forum and do not execute commands on it. You are required to bring clear evidence against the respective admin, (demo / pictures) These are previously posted in the Admin Area section for analysis.
10* Admins have the right to inquire about the staff only password and to check the section periodically. (For password write / pass on server)

XI. WarGods Anti Cheat is an application that detects a large majority of codes by using it. The player will have to open the CS through this program and if he tries to enter code, the application will detect it by reporting its data online.
1* THE REQUEST OF WARGODS / SS BY ANY DEGREE OF ADMIN IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED! (See more in the ADMINS ONLY section "Discussions between admins")!

XII. Other
1* Indifference in any form manifested towards the obligatory activity of admin is sanctioned starting from verbal warning to REMOVE.
2* If an Owner enters the server and notifies coded players and online admins who are actually playing without the interest of cleaning the server, all those present on the server are sanctioned with - 1 degree.
3* If an Owner / Co-owner requests help in checking the players or gives instructions to the administrators on the server that are related to their activity and conduct and they do not respect them by ignoring or contesting them, the sanctions start to run from verbal warning if it does not fall under another sanction in the sanctions system.
4* The present regulation is completed with its other 2 forms (Forum Regulation / Players Regulation).
5* The regulation is valid for absolutely everyone, without exception!

XIII. Objection
The game is FREE GAME, within the limits of common sense.

Obiectivele T:
- Terrorists must put the BOMB [C4] at one of the designated places.
- If the bomb is dropped then the terrorists have to pick it up and detonate it in the bombing site. In this situation CAMPING IS PROHIBITED!
- If the bomb is planted, the terrorists must protect the area where it is located.
- On the map, players who camp on the house after 40 seconds will receive a slap / slay.
- On the de_cabble map, access to the great tower of Tero is forbidden.
- Players are NOT allowed on the maps except: de_nuke_iarna.
- Camping without justification or for the purpose of making only "alms strawberries" is not encouraged. Exaggeration of such behavior is prohibited.
- On DE (defused) maps, the Tero team aims to plant the bomb. Bomb camping at the base is prohibited!

CT objectives:
- CTs have the obligation to defuse the BOMB if it has been primed.
- If a player does not achieve his goal in the allotted time of the round, he receives a warning from an admin, and if he still does not mobilize, he receives a slay.

* Slaps and slays of players who do not go to the ct-tero bomb will be given only after 35 seconds
Exception: applies only when a single Tero is left alone with low hp against at least 5 enemies.
Exception: applies only when one Counter Terrorist is left alone with low hp against at least 5 enemies.

The management has the right to modify the provisions of the Regulation at any time.
Admins and players are asked to read this regulation periodically to keep up to date with the latest updates.
The management reserves the right in the actions taken, and a privileged user of this forum does not have the right to demand explanations for the sanction committed.

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